WasteladyN8 Studios

At WasteladyN8 Studios, the material comes first.

Every sample, off cut, discard, charity shop reject, discontinued line, junkshop find, however bent and battered, biffed and buffeted, frayed and friable, is interesting to us. We squirrel, and hoard horribly.

Every find is a project.  Before we stash, we explore possibilities: it is not what to do with the material, but what not to do with it.  The best way to use a resource is to experiment with it, but what if, there is no more of it to be had? 

No matter - limitation inspires creativity. Everything we produce has been crafted, not just in its execution, but also in the thinking behind it.  The outcome is an item, that is unique, a one-off, never to be repeated, because the material we have used no longer exists.
Small purses made from Donegal tweed offcuts - material no longer available!

The wasteladyn8 blog is not just a showcase of items we have made.  It is also a discussion of the journey towards the finished product, the twists and turns and glorious dead ends we encounter.  It is about finding material and rediscovering it.

Brooches made from Paul Smith silk samples, sold at a pop-up shop.

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